Release Notes | February 2023

An update to the 1Breadcrumb platform is scheduled for 10:00 AEDT on Monday 20 February 2023. Here is what you should know.


  • Terms and Conditions on the mobile app have been updated to EULA (End User License Agreement).
  • Worker Profile Emergency Contact Details can now be requested through Sites > Visitor Information.
Enhancements & Amendments
  • Login Screen: When inputting text on the login screen, the 1Breadcrumb logo is removed
  • Asset Fields: Uploaded PDF’s on mobile display on the Portal
  • Fix: When reviewing an asset and typing, one is able to view the comment box
  • Induction Review: The action button appears above the keyboard
    • Missed questions prompt auto-scrolls to the first instance.
    • Error message displayed is limited to one at a time.
    • When all items have been completed, the page auto-scrolls to the call to action button at the end


  • Placeholders in template emails have been released
  • Basic and Advanced Column settings cog options are now available
  • Increased upload file size limit from 10mb to 100mb for supplier documents
Enhancements & Amendments
  • Fix: Permissions > Company Host – text above text input to add in new Company Hosts will be restored
  • Fix: Zooming in and out whilst reviewing supplier documents no longer refreshes answers
  • Fix: Scanning offsite QR codes will take users to the web-app instead of the Google PlayStore
  • Fix: Web-app – users can upload more than one image for a single document

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