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Key Functions:

  • Check live attendance of your venue via your mobile device
  • Real-time data collection for marketing and analytics use
  • Accurate and easy to access record-keeping
  • Safe and secure contact tracing abilities
  • Upload announcements to be displayed to customers such as menus and specials
  • Set health screening questions
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The Simple Solution For Venues And Events To Securely Record Attendance, Encourage Event Engagement, And Get Real Time Feedback

It’s no secret that the way we do business has changed. Event organisers, and hospitality venues need to come up with new ways to give their guests and attendees an amazing - yet safe- experience. Whether it’s going paperless with online brochures, coming up with creative ways to get guests to engage, or getting valuable feedback... 1Breadcrumb is the low-cost, easy to use platform that allows you to meet these new regulations, plus much more.

Stress Free Guest And Event Management

Events can quickly check in their visitors, monitor how they are engaging with the event, and ensure safety across all venues and operations.
Simple Visitor Check In:

Guests can check themselves in by scanning your printable QR code on entry, via the 1Breadcrumb app, or via a manual check-in.

Paperless Experience:

Attendees can use our easy-to-use app to check-in, answer health questions, leave feedback, and view your menu.

Securely Keep Visitor Info On File:

Fully encrypted system to ensure personal privacy is always protected.

Custom Check-In Questions:

Create your own fully customizable visitor screening questions allowing for feedback and health screening in real-time unlike a paper solution.

Get Real-Time Feedback:

Ask guests for feedback and get real time data on how to create a better experience to get patrons coming back with customizable check-out questions.

Stress-Free Record Keeping:

Quick access to the details of all patrons, when they checked in and out, answers to questions, and all close contacts via our reports suite.

Easy Workplace Mapping and Timekeeping:

Have complete and accurate timestamped records on what staff are working and when to keep them and your customers safe.

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3 Easy Options To Manage Event Attendance

  1. Scan QR Code: guests simply scan your QR code print out on their app

  2. Manual Host Check In: for those who won’t, or know how to download the app

  3. Geofence Set Up: Virtual geofencing allows for automatic venue check-in for returning users 

Build A Database of Loyal Customers

By keeping records of all of your guests, you’ll be able to engage and communicate with your attendees regularly. Alert them to your special deals and offers, and remind them to come back to future or new events!

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How Does It Work?

  • 1
    Email attendees:

    Send the app link to your guests to download prior to their arrival

  • 2
    Contactless check in:

    Visitors scan your printable QR code and automatically check in to the premises

  • 3
    Automatically record info:

    Have instant access to your guest’s information to assist with rapid contact tracing

  • 4
    Optional check-out questions:

    To get real time, invaluable feedback on their experience of your event or venue

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How Do You Get Started?

Track event attendance, go paperless, and encourage guest participation within the 1Breadcrumb app!
  1. Select the option that best suits your needs: choose based on how many check ins you anticipate a day. Our software can scale and grow as you do!
  2. Quick & simple venue set up: login to your dashboard and set up your questions and venue. You’ll have access to our full academy videos for easy, hassle free setup.
  3. Print Your QR Code: and you’re ready to safely start taking new guests at your restaurant or cafe 
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1Breadcrumb Allows You To Do Contact Tracing, Workplace Mapping, & Much More

  • Customisable dashboard that can show you daily reports, venue visitors, how guests answer their questions + more.
  • Create clever ways to explore the event and get engagement, you can set up scavenger hunts, or certain questions to answer in certain areas!
  • Have a digital brochure in their handheld device – eliminate costly paper hand outs and give them everything they need, all on their device.
  • Securely store and share all essential workplace forms and documents between managers and employees on their accounts like RSA, photo IDs and more.
  • Contactless check-in check-out system, a perfect solution for workplace mapping and contact tracing during COVID-19.
  • Instant transmission alerts if your timestamp on site aligns with another individual on site who has tested positive for COVID-19.
  • Private and secure data that is protected with an encrypted system to ensure personal privacy is always protected.
  • Virtual geofencing allows for automatic onsite check-in for returning users.
  • Ask personalised questions and request feedback when checking in and out of your venue.
  • Get a snapshot on venue traffic patterns, perfect for retailers and small business owners looking to understand peak business hours.
  • Full training academy with videos to get the most out of the 1Breadcrumb software.

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