Our Functionality & Benefits On-Site

Digital Inductions & SWMS

  • Complete Custom Digital Inductions, quickly and easily through the 1Breadcrumb app to ensure a safe and compliant worksite.
  • Eliminate the previously paper-based process
  • Simplistic Reporting on Compliance & Completion
  • Agree to work by SWMS Documents in 1 click.
  • Compliance
  • Complete Inductions before getting to site with Pre-site Start Functionality

SWMS Collection & Sign off

  • Request SWMS Documents from Sub-contractors
  • Digital SWMS Sign-off
  • Sign on to the latest revisions instantly
  • Approve SWMS, Revisions & Documents
  • Automatic Upload into Procore

Automated Timesheets

  • Uses Accurate Attendance Data to Automate Paysheets
  • Compare Budgeted Vs. Actual Hours On Site
  • Integrates directly into Xero
  • Builds productivity
  • Control Leave and Sick Days for Company Employees

Hardware Free Asset Manager

  • Check Tools/ Assets In & Out
  • No Batteries
  • No Hardware
  • Instantly find tools without contacting the whole business
  • Store important information, serial numbers & more for insurance purposes

Automated White Card, Insurance & Permit Collection

  • Automatically Collect White Cards, Insurances, Permits & More
  • Ensure Compliance with Expiration Notifications & Reporting
  • Collect Purchase Orders & Insurances
  • Safe and Compliant Worksite
  • Digital Trade Wallet – Upload Documentation Once for use On all Sites

Communicate With Those On Site

  • Share, Store, Communicate, Approve, Distribute & Report on Critical Site Information
  • Communicate Plans, Delivery Schedules, Revisions & More with those On Site
  • Report Incidents, Weather Hazards or Safety Issues
  • Seamless communication between the Site & Office
  • Increase Productivity through Effortless, Real Time, Time Saving Communications

Sub-contractor & Vendor Management

  • Upload & Securely Store Company Insurances for Company Employees, assigned to their Check-in
  • No Hassle for those On Site – Allow Trades to spend more time on the task at hand
  • Manage Insurance Documents for Sub-contractors on your site
  • Upload Insurance & Other Documentation for your business to use as Sub-Contractors on site
  • Removes tedious Emails and collection of Insurance Documentation

Effortless Hazard & Incident Reporting

  • Report Hazards & Incidents in Real Time
  • Communicate Hazards to Everyone On Site
  • Upload Photo or Video of Hazards On Site
  • Send Emergency Alarms out in Real Time
  • Ensure a safe, compliant and unified worksite, with everyone on the same page

Ensure Full Safety Compliance For All Your Construction Sites

Have access to staff and contractor records to ensure only fully compliant and inducted workers get access to your sites.
  • All Documentation In One Secure Place: The 1Breadcrumb app allows staff and contractors to upload and share all important documents, trade licenses, SWMS, white cards, and more with expiry dates to their personal profile.
  • Digital Inductions & SWMS: Complete Digital Inductions and SWMS from your phone. Ensure compliance through accurate reporting on completion
  • COVID-19 Compliance: Ensure you are keeping accurate, complete records of your site’s contact tracing – 1Breadcrumb is an approved partner of the Victorian API

Automate Timesheets, Compare Budgeted Vs. Actual Hours On-Site, Monitor Productivity

  • Automate Timesheets & Payroll: Automatic Check-in & Out Data, fills out timesheets with accurate, timestamped data
  • Compare Budgeted Vs. Actual Hours On-Site: Keep your projects & budget on track with comparable, hours & data.
  • Monitor Productivity: Know how much time is spent on each job, allowing you to improve efficiency & leverage site information
  • Report on Efficiency, Leave, Supply Purchases & More

What makes us different

1Breadcrumb works to ensure a safe, efficient and compliant worksite, through a mobile first solution that is built for the trades. 1Breadcrumb digitises paper-based processes to ensure simplistic compliance and safety.
Digital Inductions
Automates Processes
Mobile First Solution
MBAV & Master Plumbers Partners
Integrated Software

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