More Information and Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I have to grant location permission when signing up?

You will be asked to click the green ‘ Grant location permission ‘ button when signing up, this is so you
are able to check into a site successfully.

Why does 1Breadcrumb want to access my Motion & Fitness Activity to optimise battery usage?

This setting is required so the App does not drain your battery life, it means the App is not tracking your every move and is trying to use under 1% of your battery.

Why does background location need to be enabled?

This needs to be enabled so the App can successfully automatically check you into a site that you have previously checked into before.

What information does the app have access to?

The only information 1Breadcrumb has access to is your name, phone number and the time you check in and out of a geofenced site.

Does 1Breadcrumb track my location?

No, 1Breadcrumb simply provides a suite to check you in and out of a geofenced bubble, much like when checking in and out of a hotel.

Can anyone set up a site?

No, only managers who have access to the online portal can create a geofenced site.

Can everyone see my site?

If your geofence setting on your site has been set to public, any user with the 1Breadcrumb app has the ability to check in and check out within the site boundary If your geofence setting has been set to private (e.g. your geofenced site is at your Grandma’s house!), only those on site with access to the private site’s QR code can check-in to the site. The public cannot view this site or check in without this private QR code.

What if I forget to sign in?

If your site manager has allowed the site to have the automatic sign in function on, 1Breadcrumb will automatically sign you in if it detects a prior visitor within its zone.

What if I forget to sign out?

1Breadcrumb can detect when a signed in device has exited the geo fenced bubble for a prolonged period of time, and will automatically check the device out of site.

Can I store documents on my profile?

Yes, your profile has the ability to upload a range of documents under the ‘My Cards’ button on your profile.

What information is used to sign into a site?

Your name and phone number If a site requires specific documentation such as an ID card, this may also be required to be uploaded prior to sign in.

Who can see my information?

The only people who can view information you provide on sign in is the business who has set up the geofenced site.

Can minors use 1Breadcrumb?

No, you must be 18 or older to use the 1Breadcrumb app due to Australian Privacy Laws.

Do I need to sign into a site I regularly visit?

All site visitors are required to sign into sites they visit at least once. If your manager has enabled the
automatic sign in function on a site you visit regularly, 1Breadcrumb will automatically sign you in.


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