Simplifying Trade Communications and Automating Site Management

1Breadcrumb provides businesses with a simple site communications system that allows for remote workplace safety and contractor management.

  • Check live site attendance via your mobile device
  • Virtual wallet to store and share OH&S, SWMS, White Cards, Work Permits, and more
  • Integration with Procore
  • Conduct live toolbox meetings via the 1Breadcrumb app
  • Sign into your site automatically, via a QR code or with a manual hosted check-in
  • Nearby site notifications
  • Seamlessly store and manage business and personal logbooks
  • Instantly share information to those on-site via the announcement feature
  • Set pre-site entry OH&S screening questions
  • Create new sites instantly via your 1Breadcrumb app

How Does 1Breadcrumb Work?

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    Contactless Check In:

    After downloading the 1Breadcrumb app, visitors simply press check in on their device or scan the unique printable QR site code to automatically check in to the premises and answer any of your custom questions. Once checked in, they can use the geofence for even quicker check out, and check-in automatically on return

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    Automatically Record Info:

    Have instant access to staff and contractor information to assist with securely monitoring your compliance

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    Optional Check-Out Questions:

    Improve daily communications with real time, feedback on worksite incidents on check-out

Simple Visitor Check-In

Guests can check in via:
1. Manually or automatically with the free 1Breadcrumb app by scanning the QR code or pressing the green 'Check In' button
3. Scanning the club QR code with your phone camera and checking in via the web form
4. A hosted check in, where venue staff can enter the details on the entrant’s behalf

Securely Keep All Visitor Information On File

1Breadcrumb is a fully encrypted system to ensure personal privacy is always protected

Custom Check-in Questions

Create your own visitor check in questions. Screen patrons for health risks and collect valuable data about who is visiting your club

Get Real Time Feedback

Ask guests for feedback about club events on check out to collect real time data about how to create a better experience and get spectators and players coming back year after year

Stress Free Record Keeping

Quick access to accurate timestamped details of all patrons.

Easy Workplace Mapping and Compliance with Government Regulations

Have complete and accurate digital records on who players and spectators have been in contact with and have an easy way of notifying entrants of a COVID outbreak if the need arises.

New Feature Alert: Integration with Procore

You asked and we listened – 1Breadcrumb now has the ability to integrate with project management software Procore. Get in touch with us to find out how we can help your construction business integrate your 1Breadcrumb with Procore today.


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3 Easy Ways To Sign-In and Manage Contractors & Employees

Our simple check-in processes allows contractors and staff to be screened for OH&S compliance and get access to your site quickly and easily.
  1. Self and Auto Check-In: Virtual geofencing allows for digital self-check-in ability via our 1Breadcrumb app. For returning contractors and staff, check-in can be switched to automatic.
  2. Scan Your Site’s Unique QR Code: Contractors can also use their camera or the 1Breadcrumb app to scan your business’ site’s personal QR code upon entry.
  3. Hosted Visitor Check-In: Site supervisors can manually check-in contractors and visitors via their 1Breadcrumb app or a desktop.

Customizable Site OH&S Screening

1Breadcrumb allows your business’ to have quick, hassle-free management and communication processes. Set up your custom check-in and out questions, collect critical documents (such as trade licenses, white cards, and SMWS) to and pre-qualify contractors before they step onto your site. Plus, you can be notified if contractors and staff do not meet minimum safety requirements. Find out what your site management needs to know instantly, and ensure full compliance at all times.

Hassle Free Management Of Multiple People Across Multiple Sites

Sites can quickly check in their visitors and contractors, monitor their exact time and attendance, and ensure safety across all sites and operations. Make site inductions easy
  • Contactless pre-start briefings and toolbox meetings on check-in
  • Confirm attendance on-site with accurate, time-stamped information
  • Manage onsite compliance and view a contractor or employee’s white card, SWMS, trade licenses, and more
  • Manage multiple sites quickly and easily on the 1Breadcrumb web portal
  • Confirm in real-time who is on-site and trigger evacuations
  • Control access to your sites, block users from entering site and be notified if safety protocols have been breached

No Lock In Contract | Easy Set Up | Cancel Anytime

Ensure Full Safety Compliance For All Your Construction Sites

Have access to staff and contractor records to ensure only fully compliant and inducted workers get access to your sites.
  • All Documentation In One Secure Place: The 1Breadcrumb app allows staff and contractors to upload and share all important documents, trade licenses, SWMS, white cards, and more with expiry dates to their personal profile.
  • Easy Live On-Site Attendance and Safety Monitoring: Have up to date records and reports on hand, and ensure all workers and contractors have viewed safety announcements and are following OH&S regulations with the click of a button.
  • COVID-19 Compliance: Ensure you are keeping accurate, complete records of your site’s contact tracing, and workplace mapping by accurately knowing who was where and at what time

Customisable Dashboard That Shows You Real Time Data

  • Manage Multiple Sites: Quickly see and access the data of multiple sites
  • Overview Of Site Activity: View attendance and activity reports from site inception
  • Monitor Custom Questions: See who has answered your custom questions and how they answered
  • Monitor Announcements: See who has viewed site safety announcements
  • See Who Is Where & When: Access total check-ins, and total users from a site in real-time
  • Contact Tracing: Easy access to contact tracing in case of a COVID breakout on a site

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Here’s What People Are Saying About 1Breadcrumb...

1Breacrumb Simplifies Trade Commincations and Automates Site Management

  • Customisable dashboard that displays your daily reports, total site visitors, how visitors answered check-in questions + more
  • Securely store and share all essential workplace forms and documents between managers and employees on their accounts such as insurance, ID cards, permits and more
  • Contactless check-in check-out system, a perfect solution for workplace mapping and contact tracing required by Worksafe
  • Instant transmission alerts if your timestamp on site aligns with another individual on site who has tested positive for COVID-19
  • Private and secure data that is protected with an encrypted system to ensure personal privacy is always protected
  • Customisable questions when checking in and out of site
  • Full training academy with videos to get the most out of the 1Breadcrumb software

How Do You Get Started? Easy Site Set Up In Under 5 Minutes!

Set up your site, and get access to simple visitor management in less than 5 minutes!
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    Select the Best Option for Your Business Needs:

    Choose your pricing packages based on how many check-ins you anticipate a day. Our software can scale and grow as you do!

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    Quickly and Easily Set Up Sites:

    Log in to your unique business dashboard and set up your first site, as well as any check-in questions and announcements. You'll have access to our full academy videos making set up straightforward, user-friendly and hassle-free.

  • 3
    Start Using Your Geofence and Your Site's Unique QR Code:

    From here, you're now ready to safely and securely start recording and reporting on who is on your site and when!


No Lock In Contract | Easy Set Up | Cancel Anytime

Start Protecting Your Business, Staff, And Contractors Today - Simply Select The Best Option For Your Site And Get Hassle Free Contractor & Site Management

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