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Get hardware and software working together

State-of-the-art turnstiles for seamless, secure access.

Lease or purchase state-of-the-art turnstiles, effortlessly managed by the 1Breadcrumb platform. With every turnstile seamlessly connected to the 1Breadcrumb platform, you can enjoy real-time insights and unparalleled control over sight access. 

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Tech that never forgets a face

Bolster your turnstiles with facial recognition.

Improving security shouldn’t compromise convenience. That’s why our turnstiles can be further enhanced with Face ID technology to deliver the perfect balance of efficiency, security and convenience in one. No more lost card and forgotten passwords – provided workers remember their head, they’ll enjoy rapid authentication and significantly reduced queues.  

Set your own access schedule

Choose when workers can access projects.

With the ability to customise access permissions, 1Breadcrumb makes it simple to set entry hours and control site access. Dictate access schedules and optimise security, and quickly update settings as project needs change.

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Set entry conditions

A safe worksite is no accident. 

With the Entry Conditions feature, you can make the completion of safety tasks a condition of entry. Admins can prohibit access to workers who haven’t completed required tasks, keeping them and others on-site safe.

Man hour management made easy

Effortlessly monitor and manage workforce hours.

See accurate live attendance and view attendance history on each project thanks to automated man-hour logs, and ensure accuracy with integrated turnstiles.

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Seamlessly integrated with Procore

Automatic. Instant. Coordinated.

1Breadcrumb directly integrates with the Procore Site Diary Tool, so you can track all your access and attendance vitals in one place.

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Put it to the test

See how you can build a safer, more streamlined worksite with 1Breadcrumb.
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